African Velvet Alpacas aka Avafarms

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Our Story

We are located in the fertile Inland Northwest in Washington State.  The journey has been illuminating.  I learned how to knit when I was four, then learned how to crochet.  The move to Washington State added spinning, felting and the love of fiber animals to my education. Started out with alpacas, then angora goats (for mohair), then angora rabbits (for angora fiber), followed by shetland sheep (wool) and llamas (for their fiber and guarding abilities). Who knows what other fiber animals may be added to the menagerie.

Patterns were designed so I could knit or crochet during business meetings and conferences while paying attention to the subject at hand.  Love of fiber and fiber animals led to certification by the Northwest Regional Spinners Association as a fiber judge and learning how to sort alpaca fiber through NFP (Natural Fiber Producers) on the road to become a certified sorter.  

We invite you to share in some of the joy we have garnered from living in beautiful Eastern Washington with our four legged companions from our store's products.